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We complement public transport in Gdańsk

Bike Rental Gdańsk is a alternative mode of transport enabling fast movement around our city. It's the best complement to public transport in Gdańsk!

We offer a comprehensive package of city bike services.

We are the longest operating rental company in Gdansk. We have city, mountain, trekking bikes with extra seat, tandem and baby trailers.

We professionally organize bicycle trips and holidays as well as unusual trips in Gdańsk. We run an exceptionally stocked rental with the possibility of transporting bicycles throughout the Tri-City.

When it comes to cycling, there are plenty of interesting places in the Tri-City. Everything, however, depends on your desire, time and condition. Moving around our agglomeration, you can freely twist several dozen kilometers, but there are also easier routes. It is the idea that counts, and the ideas as many as the minds. You don't need to drive many kilometers to make the trip interesting. In the Tri-City, apart from typical monuments, there are many interesting places to go by bike. By using the numerous bicycle paths leading either along the coastal belt or the main thoroughfare of Gdańsk, Sopot or Gdynia, you can freely reach the places of your choice.

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